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April 2023


Dear Valued Customer:


Seminar time is nearly upon us.  All stock style ribbons and rosettes will be printed with the award and Seminar 2023.  Your unit name will appear in the button of all rosette ribbons.


The colors we will be using for our stock sashes, ribbons, and rosettes for Sales, Sharing, Wholesale and Retail Sales are as follows:



Sales and Retail Sales Black & Jewel
Sharing Black & Hot Pink
Wholesale Black & Hot Greem



Once again we are offering an early order discount.  All orders made and PREPAID no later than April 30, 2023, will receive a 10% discount.   The following schedule lets you know the cut-off dates for placing your seminar orders and the dates you will receive them without being charged a rush fee.


As today June 26, 2023 orders cannot ship before August 1, 2023. This will change as we take orders and the shipping spots fill up.

Thank You.



July 20
June 13
July 22-25
June 20
July 26-29


July 30- August 2

If your award night is BEFORE your seminar it will CHANGE your cut-off date.


Remember, ordering early benefits all of us.  We strive to make our ordering process as uncomplicated as possible, while allowing customization to fit your individual personalities.


Custom orders MUST be placed by your cut-off date and are priced slightly higher than stock orders.  Remember, ALL orders must be paid in full before we start production.


Please note that plaques and trophies will be sent at the same time as your ribbons.  If the names are called in later, the name plate(s) will be mailed within 5 dates of receipt of the names via USPS.  You may have your plaques/trophies held for the names with an additional shipping charge.


We look forward to receiving your order.  You may call it in, mail it to us, fax it to us or use our SECURE website to place your order.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us.






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